The hub

The hub

Let's get the whole world singing (again).

Resource Hub

Here at Choral Hub we support those who sing with high-quality resources so they can become the singer they dream to be.

The app

We’ve developed an app that makes it fun and easy to get singing. Together we can improve your voice, encourage daily practice, and teach you songs that get you into the habit of singing every day.

Our blog

Our blog will be jam-packed with practical tips and tools for (new) singers, high-quality resources from professional voice coaches so you can progress on your singing journey, and features a hub for anything singing-related: organizations we really dig, stories from our team here at Choral Hub, and more from behind the scenes on how we are planning to get the whole world singing again.

We believe in the power of the human voice.

“I’m tone deaf!” “I can’t sing.” “I hate the sound of my own voice.” We’ve heard it all. And so we know you might not believe us when we say that we think everyone can sing. But humans shared song long before they shared words and it’s our mission to get everyone singing again.

Learn to sing with confidence.

Life is better when it’s set to music. That’s why we’re building an app that will get you singing every single day. Even if you think you can’t sing. We believe you can.

Ready to unleash your voice’s full potential?

No one has a voice like you.

It’s time to share it with the world.

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