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Why you’ll love tchzant

Quick bite-size singing sessions tailored to you, with game-like features, fun challenges, and engaging exercises developed alongside music industry leaders. Master everything from breath control and rhythm to pitch accuracy –  feel the benefits of singing instantly!

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Singing sparks joy

Your voice matters! Singing is good for our mental, physical, and social well-being. Exercise it, just like you would a muscle and inspire more strength both in yourself and your communities.

Minjie Gao-min

 “I can really see a potential in games getting harder and me slowly improving on my singing as I progress. I want to be challenged!”

Mask Group 22-min (3)

 “I remember Wellerman being a famous TikTok song, so I actually really enjoyed learning it and found myself singing it in work!”

Mask Group 21-min (10)

 “I found myself subconsciously memorising the lyrics to most of the songs which was really nice.”

Sing like no one's listening

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Our Story

We’re a passionate group of singers, non-singers alike, and music professionals who have spent our lives celebrating the human voice’s unique ability to speak deep to the core of who we really are. We’re hellbent on elevating the way you interact with the instrument you were born with so you can feel and experience the joyous benefits of singing for yourself at home.

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